Hi lighters,

How is everyone doing?

I am busy getting ready for a prelaunch of  my newly transformed Alightersidetolife.

I am just writing a quick little blog post on values and the importance of aligning yourself to your values.

If you don’t know what your values are you are just going with the wind 😉

After 8 years of personal development and soul searching, setting up my own life strategy business Alightersidetolife (Please visit www.alightersidetolife.com for more information) and working with a vast amount of clients from all over the world. I have come to the conclusion that personal happiness in our life comes down to these three keys.

 Me thinking about what my values are 😉

  1. Our Values
  2. Our Strengths
  3. Our Life Goal/Mission
  1. Our values are a set of attributes that unique to each individual which govern our behaviour  and guide the way we look at the world
  1. Our strengths, each individual has a unique set of strengths and skills they can utilise in their lives to ensure they are giving life all that they have got.
  1. Our life goal or mission this is also a very unique and individual thing. An individuals personal mission maybe to have a family and be the best father/mother they can be, or it may be to change the world. The one thing that is definite is that if ones mission aligns with a  greater good for humanity it will be support by the universe who I personally believe to be God.

I am busy creating a new values test so stay tuned for the prelaunch of the newly transformed Alightersidetolife and my new content to help you discover the life of your dreams.

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I hope you are inspired
Lots of love