Hi everybody,

So I have purposely taken some time off to get some personal goals achieved. I just wanted to write a quick blog on what I have learnt over the last few months. I have been working 12,14 and sometimes even 16 hour days on my journey to the life of my dreams, but I have recently come to realisation that although we already know how important it is to take time off, we may not execute it enough in our lives.

This morning I got up an hour early, this is part of one of my new positive life patterns. I feel the need to share why new positive life patterns are so important, especially creating time to be by yourself and breathe. I was overworking the last few months, getting up an hour early, but only to find that I was subconsciously doing this to work more and that wasn’t the initial goal.

I wanted to get up early to create more time to breathe and just be, but found myself using it to WORK!I know this concept of taking time to just BE is a hard one. The world as a whole pushes us to always be on the “go” with the odd “drinking session” that is mistakenly called “down time” thrown in. When in reality we are still working socialising making conversation with others and not really creating quality rest time.

The Philosophy I have acquired is that “over” anything i.e overwork or overplay or over bodily activity of any kind produces the opposite effect of what we are striving to achieve. It results in apathy and stagnation and distracts us from the realization on the higher power that is within us.

Therefore we should seek silence regularly because in doing this we will create a space. Time to actually think and if you didn’t know already this is the secret, thought is the secret in the attainment of the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS

Everyone’s view on the “life of their dreams” is different, but if we do not take time to even contemplate what our individual one is, we simply will never achieve it. If you want the life of your dreams, you first and foremost must outline it, it cannot simply be I want 1 million pounds, a mansion or six holidays a year! You need to get into the detail, to then realise how you can achieve it.

I hope you are inspired!

Loves Annie